Friday, 22 August 2014

The JBRA would like to encourage all Residents and Ratepayers to join Afriforum .
They are a successful Nationwide organisation that looks after the interests and rights of Residents .
They are doing a great job and need your support here in Kouga .
They are looking to get 250 new members for Kouga to become more effective in Kouga  .
Below is their AGM notice .
Call Frikkie Sutherland on :  0828731074

Die JBRA wil graag al die Inwoners en Belastingbetalers aan moedig om met Afriforum aan te sluit.
Hulle is 'n suksesvolle landwye organisasie wat na die belange en regte van die inwoners kyk .
Hulle doen uitstekende werk en het jou ondersteuning nodig hier in Kouga .
Hulle soek 250 nuwe lede vir Kouga om meer effektief in Kouga te wees .
Onder is hulle AGM kennisgewing .
Bel Frikkie Sutherland op : 0828731074

                                                            JEFFREYSBAAI TAK
Algemene Vergadering beplan vir 28 Augustus 2014 om 18.00 by die Skoolsaal van GLA
1.    Opening.
2.    Verwelkoming.
3.    Teenwoordigheid en verskonings.
4.    Notule van vorige Algemene Vergadering gehou op 12 Maart 2014.
5.    Sake uit die notule.
                      5.1       Die Grondwet is goedgekeur op 12 Maart 2014.
          6.   Addisionele items vir bespreking.
          7.   Verslag van werksaamhede sedert vorige Algemene Vergadering.
            7.1       Munisipale Begroting
            7.2       Algemene administrasie en Tak Konferensie
            7.3       Veiligheid en Sekuriteit
            7.4       Infrastruktuur ontwikkeling en instandhouding
            7.5       Eiendomsreg en grondbesit
            7.6       Regsaangeleenthede en Munisipale waardasies
8.    Toeligting deur Mnr Pieter Rautenbach van AfriForum Hoofkantoor.
9.    Finansies.
10.  Ledelys en ledewerwing
11.  Addisionele items        
12.  Afsluiting.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

The JBRA new Facebook Page

Please visit and like our Facebook page :

We can use this page to post photographs and opinions .
And keep up with current affairs and news .
Thank you .

Garth Ford
Chairman , Jeffreys Bay Residents and Ratepayers Association
Cell : 0782349791

Residents standing together against crime

The JBRA would like to encourage Residents and Ratepayers to join their local
Neighborhood Watches .  Everyone is also encouraged to attend their Ward meetings to air their grievances and discuss the towns problems and future to find the best solutions . Thank you .  

Wavecrest/Kabeljous- W/O JJ Potgieter-             072 414 2090
Ocean View, Pellsrus - W/O Johnny Hayward-   083 240 8489
Central -                    W/O Andre Ludick-         082 890 0087
Aston/Paradise/Farms-W/O Piet v Taak-             082 875 2422

ADT Security
GS4 Security

KB SECURITY   Control Room 042 293 1056 / 071 133 2477
                        J BAY             082 654 6142
                        Humansdorp   079 858 0492

SMHART SECURITY Control Room 086 110 1516
                         Owner       082 414 9053
                        Ashton Bay    082 868 5839
                        CapeStFrancis 079 879 8335
                        Humansdorp  082 718 5746
                        JBay Central   082 718 5750
                        Oyster Bay     082 523 0801
                        Paradise Beach 082 868 5839
                        St Francis       082 921 7043
                        Tsitsikamma    082 528 7828
                        Wavecrest      082 738 4515

Ward Committees :
David Adendorf  0719119850 
Henda Thiart 0828967258 
11 Mercia Ungerer 0834098776

Monday, 10 February 2014

The Jeffreys Bay Residents and Ratepayers Association AGM

The Jeffreys Bay Residents and Ratepayers Association will be holding our AGM at the Ski Boat Club on the 26th of February 2014 at 6pm .
We would like all Residents , Groups and Associations to attend to discuss and sort out our towns problems and shortcomings .
Please let us know if you would like anything included in the AGM Agenda . Thank you .
Hopefully see you all there . Best regards , Garth Ford , JBRA Chairman 

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

6th November 2013

Notice of General Meeting to be held at the Ski Boat Club
At  6pm  on the   6th  November  2013 .

Committee Members :
Garth Ford – Chairman
Laurika Niewenhuis – Treasurer / Secretary
Vera Mynardt
Paul Thomas
Joe Malerbe

Chairman opens the meeting .
Greetings and Welcome .
Chairmans comments .

1. JBRA efforts to keep committee operating .
2. Needing new membership and new committee members
3. Creating co operation with other groups – Dorp van Drome , Afriforum .
4. Reporting issues to KM and JBRA  .
5. Reporting overgrown plots and KM land – security and fire hazard .
6. Announcing our new Facebook page .
7. Debit order system for annual membership renewal .
8. Keeping track of invoice increases and reporting to KM and JBRA - especially December .
9. Our new Facebook page – easier for posting photographs.
10. Sewerage Problems – Not enough trucks and visit to plant .
11. Wavecrest Water Purification Plant – Laurika .
12. Feedback on meeting with KM Municipal Manager Mr . Fadi and other members .
13. Other…

Discussion Q and A
Questions and comments from those present .
Proposal for another General Meeting for 2013 year .

General Discussion
Proposal for another General Meeting for 2013 year .
Announce Annual General Meeting to be held in first week of February 2014 .

Meeting Closes .

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Notice of General Meeting / kennisgewing van Algemene Vergadering

The date for our General Meeting is now set for the Wednesday the 6th of November at 6pm / 18h00. 
The venue is the Ski Boat Club opposite Training Edge Gym . 
We would like to encourage all residents and people from all groups to attend - Dorp van Dromers / Town of Dreamers / Afriforum etc ... to hear and discuss issues and strategy .
Young and Old are all invited .
There will be a cash bar avail
able .
See you there - thank you 

Die datum van ons Algemene Vergadering is nou bekend gemaak as Woensdag die 6de van November om 6nm / 18h00 .
Plek van vergadering : Ski Boot Klub - lanks aan die Training Edge Gym .
Ons nooi alle Inwooners en groepe soos Dorp van Drome en Afriforum om die vergadering bytewoon en te luister en vergader oor ons klagtes en strategie .
Jonk en oud is verwelkom .
Daar sal a geld kroeg beskikbaar wees .
Sien julle daar - Baie dankie

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Dorp van Drome Carnival 17 June 2013

Your Carnival date on the 17th  June!
The starting point is in the parking area in front of the Dolphin statue on Dolphin Beach.
All participants must be at the starting point at 9am.
We will later inform you of the order of the participants.
The Major will hoist the Droom flag at 10am and say a few words. The Carnival will then proceed in a westerly direction towards the Skulpie Tannies and then through the Town. There will be Traffic officials and Droom marshals to keep ensure that everything goes smoothly.
Jeffrey’s Bay has never before experienced something like this!
There will be bands, veteran cars, dancers, a boat and of course, beautiful people!
It is a Dream project! It is up to us to make it an unforgettable experience!

“Flashmob” is when people seems to spontaneously start to sing and dance.
We would like to end the Carnival with a Flashmob at 12 noon with the CANSA Flashmob on the grass in front of the Dolphin statue.
In anticipation to the happening, practice your moves here!

Fancy dress!
Dreamers, it is your day!
We are going to participate as a group.
Come in your multitudes in fancy dress!
It is time to play!
Let your hair down!!

Dress up as a Dream character such as Wild Thing, Padmaker, Generaaltjie, Witch Doctor, Speedcop Bertie, Engineer, Token White,  Bean Counter or Pole Dancer!
Or hire a costume, rummage through your closet, create a mind blowing outfit that your even your spouse will not recognise!
Laugh  and play! It is good for your health!
Let us build a float!

Carnival Committee
It is up to the Dreamers to make a success of the Carnival, as we have made a success of previous Dream projects.
Become involved! All help will be appreciated!
The Carnival Committee:

Soria Swart 
Chief organiser
082 684 4350

Anette Nel
Liasing with groups
082 785 7599

Johan Deysel
Organisation at start
082 513 3117

Terry Venter
Secirity along the route
084 290 1600

Kind regards,

Bank: Nedbank  Account name: Jeffreysbaai Dorp van Drome. Branch: Nedbank Jeffrey’s Bay.Branch code: 177205 
Account number: 2004807830.   
Jeffreysbaai Dorp van Drome